Friday, 14 March 2014

The perfect brow

Here I am showing you how I fill in my eyebrows. I still like them to look quite natural so I use a colour that I know is going to suit my skin tone and isn't to different from my natural hair colour.
I usually tweeze my own eyebrows instead of going to a place to get them done, but in the past I have had them waxed and threaded. I do think that threading eyebrows is the beast way to get a perfect shape and to get it so defined though I just trust my self more to do them myself and I always know how I want them to be.
First I brush through my brow with a clean mascara wand/eyebrow brush so they're all sitting in the correct direction.
Then I like to draw I little bit of a stencil but drawing my first like diagonal and making the front of the brow a little bit square.
I then go on to fill in the gap between the lines, leaving the end of the eyebrow.
Now make the arch up of the brow and fill in the end of the brow making it look tapered so it goes thinner.
Then I like to used a little bit of concealer or foundation and draw a line under the brow cleaning it up and making sure the line is really sharp and neat.
Once you've done that just blend in the foundation into you skin.


Walah your perfect brow!
Thankyou for reading

Friday, 7 March 2014

Doll type face paint/makeup

1. First I took out my eyebrow using Nose wax, mine is from GRIMAS but you can just buy any nose wax from amazon and it should do the job. Just take a little bit of this and smooth it over your brow as thin as you can get it so its not visible.

2. Next you need to map out where you want your naturel face showing through the gap and paint the rest of your face and neck white. I started with one thin layer and then finished off with a thicker layer making it perfect and then powdering it with a translucent powder.
3. When you have your face covered how you want it you need to draw the gaged line around the edges, you can either use an eyeliner which is black or a black face paint, I used a face paint
4. Now to perfect it, using a damp cotton bud clean up the white paint away from the edges what overlap the black line.
This is also the stage where I drew on my eyebrow, slightly higher and a little more arched than my natural eyebrow I also used the black paint to do this.
5. At bit more of an easier step, where I gently brushed on a light purple face paint over the top of my forehead and contoured my cheeks with it (this would be easier done with a purple eye shadow or something powdered). 
6. Now I have just done my eye in similar colours and making it a little darker with winged eyeliner and mascara. on the opposite side of my face I just made the natural makeup a little more obvious with a bright lipstick and a little eye shadow.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Studying Theatrical Make-up Artesty

Hello! iv not blogged in sooooo long (aprox 1 year) eeek. But I'm wanting to begin blogging again about different things. Still in the beauty area but I have taken another step in my life and im now studying Theatrical Make-up.
I'm going to be writing more about how my career into make-up is going and what I'm up to and learning along the way.
I started the course in September 2013 and since have enjoyed if thoroughly. So far we have learnt; camouflage makeup, airbrush makeup and just learning, bald caps, prosthetics and body painting. As far as we have got to now I love the course and it is defiantly something I will want to do for the rest of my life (or a huge part of it anyway...).
I've been playing around at home doing different things on my own face... hands and arms... and having just as much fun doing that as I am at college.
Here is a few photos of what iv been doing.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick

I have been loving this Lipstick over the last few weeks but only just managed to get picture and sort this post out (so please excuse the lippy not been in perfecto shape). It's really nice and moisturizing not drying at all, I thought it would of been slightly more pigmented when I looked at the Lipstick itself but it does come out really sheer, some may think thats positive but I do like a bright lipstick. Its great for the day with you don't want that much makeup on and you only want something light on your lips. I don't think it last very long on your lips at all, i was touching it up all thought the day and wouldn't wear it if i wasn't carrying it around with me. You can buy the Lipstick for £7.99 from Boots. The colour I have is Aphrodite Scarlet.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Manicure Monday #5

The last two Manicure mondays I have done have been on tuesdays because I have been so busy with work and family gatherings, days out and just general day to day things I haven't had time to do them ready for a monday... letdown... but what day is it today? MONDAY!
Today I'm wearing on my nails-Natural Collection- nail tip whitener and striped over it Barry M- Berry Ice cream. I love wearing my nails striped, i love them white with any colour striped over them, its so cute and easy! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee | Manicure Monday #4

It's the Diamond Jubilee and I thought I'd decorate my nails to show it. We had a BBQ on saturday to celebrate but not much more. I know there is many street parties going on and different thinks around the country but I thought I'd be a boring girl and sit at home...
Anyhoo, these are my nails, I know they're not the neatest and they're a little smudgy but I was in a rush. 
What I did: painted my nails blue using Barry M- Indigo, then did four white stripes and stuck on the red diamontes and painted a red line over the diagonal white ones. Simple. 
ps i'm also sorry for the bag photo quality...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manicure Monday #3

It's a day late I know... I'v had exams for the past week and been at work, had no spare time what so ever which is really sad and I hate not blogging :( but I should be getting back on track now posts should be getting more regular wooo! but here is manicure monday #3.
I got Natural overlays on my nails at college last week (so a friend could pass her unit). I liked them while they lasted but they didn't last long at all, about 6 days and they have damaged my nails now that have been removed. my nails felt sooo strong while they were on and I could do anything with them. They didn't give any extra length or change the shape of my nails but I didn't mind because I like the length of my natural nails.
You can see the natural overlays were begining to grow out at this stange and were looking slightly messy. I'm wearing on my nails- OPI- Rally pretty pink (which I love sosooo much)! with a small flower on my ring fingers which i bought off of e-bay for about £1.00 for twenty.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

OOTD | Summers day

Ill apologize about the bad quality of these pictures ahahaa, I know they're not the best but they are better than none. England is sooo warm at the minuet so thought I''d slap a little bit of tan on my lilly white legs and pick a summery dress out my wardrobe, I'm not really doing much, going to have a walk to work (YES WORK I GOT A JOB) and maybe take Alfie for a walk but not going much further.
It was a bit of a struggle to get a picture of the back of my dress, but I managed with the help of a mirror.
Dress- Newlook (sale) £8.00
Shoes- Newlook £25.00
Bracelet- Newlook (sale) £2.00
Belt- Primark £2.50
Nail polish- OPI, On Collins Ave
I can't actually find anything that I have on in this OOTD online but I have seen the bracelet and dress in store  this week so if you like check it out in your local Newlook. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

DIY Decorating shorts | BeautySW

This is a bit of a different post to the normal things I post because I'm not really creative in this way, but I have seen a few different posts like this and thought I'd join. I had these shorts from H&M which I bought about a year ago and was getting a little bored of them so thought I'd jazz them up a little.

I thought it would be a struggle trying to get the needle through the denim of the shorts but it wasn't at all. All I did was cut the lengths of what I needed for the four pockets on my shorts (cut however many you need for your shorts) and sewed them on with white thread. I got my Lace from Boyes (I'm not sure if Boyes is a store just where I live in Hull or if its English or is in other countries) but im sure you can get lace trim from any craft or fabric store.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Milkmaid Braids | BeautySW


Iv seen Milkmaid braids around for quite a while now, probably about a year and I'v seen them a lot on celebrities, Bloggers, and youtube gurus but not so much around and about. I live in Hull, the east of England and im not sure if its just my area and you would see them more in places like London and the bigger cites in England where fashion is bigger and thought of more. 
This hairstyle is really pretty and cute, I think It's a new take on normal braids because sometimes braids can look a little bit childish and as though your Mum has done it for you when you were five... Its also a good way to get your hair off of your face, when your just having one of those days and don't want hair on your face (I have plenty of those). I have worn this for college and some people thought it looked nice but others though it looked weird. 
There is also a lot of different ways to go milkmaid braids, some are done in fishtail plates, some in normal plates, some done neatly and others messily, but I think all of the different styles look great. I have added a picture of a halo braid in there because It's also another great hairstyle, slightly more difficult to achieve to make it look good. But when its done well and in the right way it looks great. 
All i did to achieve my Milkmaid Braids is: Plait my hair into two Fishtail plaits, and pin them both across each other on the top of my head securing them with bobby pins, if you're not sure how to do a fishtail plait, a normal three strand plait will work just the same or look up on Youtube "how to - Fishtail Plait" I have seen some great tutorials. 
Pictures taken from various places.