Friday, 30 March 2012

H&M bargain

Not the best pictures I know, but i just wanted to show you this top i got from H&M it was only £8.00 which i thought was a bargain really, tops like this sell for about £9.00-£10.00 in Primark and these are much better quality. I buy quite a lot of things from H&M everything is such good quality and price. I love the arm holes/sleeves on this because they make it look worn in and not so neat, a little bit messy.
Also i thought I'd put a little peek of what I'm wearing on my face today: Elf- all over cover stick in apricot beige (i didn't use foundation today), no.7 eyeshadow in my brows (the color out of the good earth palette the darkest brown), Maybelline XXL intense mascara, and   , Natural collection lipstick in Pink Mallow. 
ps i bought some ear rings and a few other bits on jewelry from Miss Selfrage the other day, the ones i have in was in a set with another four pairs and they were only £2.00. I got them in the Hull store but I'm sure they all have sales on so next time your in have a look there is some good bargains! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pretty pink 'n' pink Nails

I did this picture just to show how to do the reinforcements because i didnt know how to explain it in writing but my nails have on them here- OPI, flower-to-flower and over it Barry M, limited addition silver glitter.

Hello everyone, so i saw this nail art on Lauren Conrad's Blog so thought I'd try it out for myself and see how it looked. I deiced it looked great but because the polish was so thick towards the end it took sosoo long to dry, infect i don't think it dried completely through for about the full day. I think if the look was done with better quality nail polish and a good quick drying top coat it would be great, especially for summer!

So on to how to do:
First, protect your nails with a base coat, I used-Sally Hansen, Double Duty base& top coat.
Then you need to paint your whole nail a bright or dark pink (doesn't have to be pink but thats what I used, great color for summer) and I used the color-OPI, You're a Pisa work.
Now you need to stick two reinforcements together (like shown in picture) and stick them a third way down your nail. Paint the part of the nail that is showing above your reinforcements  a slightly lighter  shade of the color you chose I chose-Barry M, Pink Filming. Leave it to dry. 
Again you need to stick the reinforcements half way down your nail After you have done this you should paint your nails another lighter shade and I used more of a peachy shade again from Barry M, shade 'Melba'. 

This is how you can acheive this look, i think its a great idea, I use the reinforcements for college work but i always have about 300 (you get about 500 in a pack for around 90p) left so its a good way to use them all up!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My small but growing OPI collection

From left to right-Mrs. O'Learys BBQ, Your a pisa work, Flower-to-Flower, Blushingham Palace 

My collection is growing! so if you read post on my OPI nail polish in the color 'You're a pisa work' you would know that was my first OPI polish i had ever tried, but since then i have grown three new babies to my collection of OPI polishes. I love all four colors of the polish i have and haven't stopped wearing them since getting them. I would say i have been neglecting all my Barry M polishes (sorry barry M polishes), but i just love these! the brush is great because its large so you can paint all ten nails in about 3 minuets (no joke), and they dry soso quick so I'm not waiting 20 minuets because i can do anything because when I'm wanting for polish to dry i always smug it. 

The colors are so vibrant and pigmented, the only one I have used that hasn't given an opaque finish on the first layer is the color Flower-to-flower but on the second coat it is a great summery color and i love it! Out of the colors i have I probably dislike Blushingham Palace the most, its just not something id go for, I bought it off e-bay and in the picture it looked like a pearly pink, but when it got to me in the post its more of a metallic pink, although i like it the lease i don't hate it and i do still wear it. 

If you would like to read my post on 'your a pisa work' click here 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Barry M nail polish& nail polish tag

I absoloutly love Barry m nail polish and thought i'd share with you my favorites. most of the polishes from barry m that i have tried have been great although a few months ago i bought the colour 'Blue moon' and it was the thinnest nail polish i have ever used. you need to apply litrally around 4 layers of the polish before it is a solid colour. At first i thought i may of picked a dodgy one but after reading a few reviews on it i could see that was the formula of the polish, i have no idea why it's like that though.

anywho, these are my favorites, from the dark read the colors are: Raspberry, Pink Flamingo, Peach Melba, Indigo, Mint Green, Also another one of my favorites is Coral, its a lovely summery coral but totaly forgot about it :(

The wheels that i have painted the colours onto are off e-bay they where really cheap but come in handy a lot to do things like this. I got 10 for about £2.00 i think. click here to see wheels.

1. What's your favorite nail polish company? Either Barry M or Models own
2. Glitter or no glitter? No glitter
3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie? OPI, just because i haven't ever tried China glaze or Essie.
4. When do you change your nail polish? Well i can't wear nail polish to college so i can't wear it on tuesdays and wednesdays but other then that, every other day.
5. What's your favorite color on your nails? pinks and reds.
6. Darks or Brights? mmm, i'm really not sure i like most nail polishes ahaa
7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment? OPI- Mrs. O'leary's BBQ (a post coming soon on that)
8. Matte Nails--In or Out? I like matte nails on other people but i don't really like to wear it myself
9. French Manicure? yes sometimes but not to often and love it on toes in summer.
10. Favorite Winter Color? I love Barry M indigo (above) and OPI mrs. o'leary's BBQ and No.7 Rose truffle, but mostly reds. 

Thanks for reading more posts coming 
Serena x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Charles worthington Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello everyone, I recently bought Charles worthington shampoo and conditioner because my hair was feeling in real bad condition and thought i could get a better one then the normal Elvev or Herbal essence, they were cheaper at the time from boots but not sure how much, maybe about £3.50 each. I bought the soft and silky one because i thought that would be the best one to get my hair into better condition.

I would say they make my hair soft for the first day of washing it but day two of my hair it is just normal thought it is normally getting greasy. On day three i would think my hair needs washing. I'm sure it gets greasy quicker because i wear my hair straight when i use this and when my hair is straight i touch it a lot, not sure why it's just one of those things. I don't think i will be repurchasing this again, I may think of trying another type like the volume boost one but defiantly not the soft &silky one.

I have just found it on the boots website and they are £5.10 each or two for £6.00 and i think thats a great deal! take a look here

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hello everyone so i thought i would do an Outfit of the day showing you all a new (ish) top i bought from Newlook, i love it and have lived in it since buying it. its in a deep red/burgundy color with a cream detailed collar. i love this because it is a chiffon material but it has an under layer so you don't see your stomach and bra and don't need to put anything under it. Also I have been loving the tops with no sleeve on them, this makes it great for summer or great to layer in the winter.
The jeans i am wearing i have also lived in, and they are from Dorothy Perkins bought near Christmas I think they were about £25. they are so comfy because they have the waist band of Jeggings but super soft jean material, the only bad thing i can say about them is they have striated so much and now they have baggy knees :( I bought them in a size 10 and at the time the fitted fine but now i feel like i want to buy another pair in a size 8 because I love them so much but they are looking big and scruffy.
On my face: 
Rimmel London Lasting finish 25hour foundation

ELF lipstick - Party pink 

No7 smokey rose quad on my eyes 

No7 Extravagent lashes mascara, with

Natural collection Black lash build mascara

Click HERE for the top (i couldn't find the exact one on the internet but i'm sure your local store will have it in), and HERE for the Jeans!
Thanks for reading
Serena x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

MUA Lipstick

 Hello everyone! I know i have done a lot of reviews and things lately but i am going to start differing my posts but anywhoo, today my post is about how i love some of the MUA lipsticks.

This lipstick about is MUA in shade 1 it's a lovely shade to dress up an plain day outfit or wear when going out, they color does stay on your lips but when eating and drinking does come off quite quickly, but you can't ask for everything for one pound really can you? she shade is a deep red which i'm begining to love more and more each time i wear it.

Reasons for love: their price, they stay on the lips well, their not drying, their easy to get hold of (in england)
MUA products are probably known best for their price of £1.00! you can purchase them from Boots and Superdrug (there may be smaller companies that sell MUa but Boots and Superdrug are the only stores that i am aware that sell them). I have tried three of their lipsticks and i have loved all of them, the shades i have tried are: Shade 1 (above), shade 7 (below), and Shade 15 (which sadly broke and had to be binned).
Whilst browsing around the web i found out MUA actually have their own website and they ship internationally which is great!

 This shade of lipstick is MUA in shade 7, its a shimmery light pink, but its not too bright but gives a really nice satin pink finish to the lips, it looks great with a smokey eye or even nothing on the eye and a pink cheek. I actually bought this about three months ago and have worn it quite a lot, it's really easy to apply and unlike the red lipstick you can't really see any mistakes so if your not the best at applying lipstick, like me this is probibly great for you.
I think both the lipsticks will look great on all skin tones although shade 1 may make pale toned skin look a bit drowned out (it does this to me slightly).
Click HERE to go to the MUA website
OR HERE to go to the Superdrug website
thanks for reading
Serena x

Friday, 9 March 2012

First OPI polish review?

Hello everyone, as you can see I'm writing a review on an OPI nail polish. This polish was bought for me from my lovely sister last week and I absolutely love it, It's such a nice color. Though it looks more coral in the pictures than it is in real life, it's actually more of a bright pink shade than a coral. The polish in in the color 'You're a pisa work' I love the names of polishes too they just make a bigger personality (if that makes any sense). 
I think the OPI nail polishes are about £11 (one of the reasons i have never bought one for myself). Which is pretty steep for a nail polish, i know the Essie nail polishes are cheaper and i have a few of the Barry M nail polishes and think they are great for £3. But this nail polish does dry really quick and doesn't chip, i think my nail polish collection will have a few more OPI polishes in there soon, i shall keep you updated on that. 
more posts soon
Serena x

Thursday, 8 March 2012


At the beginning of the month i bought No.7 Radiant boosting Hot cloth cleanser because i wanted the Liz Earle Hot clothe cleanser but didn't know where i could buy it in Hull, i had shopped around for it but couldn't find it anywhere (and i didn't want to order it offline). So i got the No.7 one and from then to today i am absolute loving it, it makes my skin feel really soft and i haven't been breaking out in blemishes as much, i have had one or two but who doesn't have that?

Every night i will remover my eye makeup and massage the cleanser all over my face and down my neck, then I remove it with my muslin cloth run under hot water. when i have done this my skin feels incredible but after applying a pea sized amount of Simple Light Moisturizer it feels even softer, my skin feels extremely refreshed and i have noticed where my skin was slightly red (between my brows and on my chin), it has reduced since using the cleanser. 

Next time i need to re-purchase though I think i will be buying the Liz Earle Cleanser, not because i don't like the No.7 one obviously but just because i have heard such good reviews about all of her product and would like to try for myself. Thinking by the sounds of it I will enjoy using the Liz Earle one more which it just crazy!

Also when i bought the Cleanser i bought the Eye-makeup remover, i have not enjoyed using this product, it is incredibly oily but says it is for all skin types. If you have oily skin i would not recommend this product at all, i have Dry/Normal skin and thought it was way to oily for my skin! I feel like I'm using the product wrong because in the instructions it doesn't say you should rinse your face or anything afterwards but it leaves such an oily residue and i feel the need to re-cleanse my face after using it.  Also i found is it didn't remove all traces of mascara unless i rubbed my eye until it got slightly sore and then my eyes went watery and red. I think i payed about £7.50 for it but it is not worth it at all, using normal eye makeup wipes are much easier and more effective.

thank you for reading, more posts coming 
Serena x