Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manicure Monday #3

It's a day late I know... I'v had exams for the past week and been at work, had no spare time what so ever which is really sad and I hate not blogging :( but I should be getting back on track now posts should be getting more regular wooo! but here is manicure monday #3.
I got Natural overlays on my nails at college last week (so a friend could pass her unit). I liked them while they lasted but they didn't last long at all, about 6 days and they have damaged my nails now that have been removed. my nails felt sooo strong while they were on and I could do anything with them. They didn't give any extra length or change the shape of my nails but I didn't mind because I like the length of my natural nails.
You can see the natural overlays were begining to grow out at this stange and were looking slightly messy. I'm wearing on my nails- OPI- Rally pretty pink (which I love sosooo much)! with a small flower on my ring fingers which i bought off of e-bay for about £1.00 for twenty.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

OOTD | Summers day

Ill apologize about the bad quality of these pictures ahahaa, I know they're not the best but they are better than none. England is sooo warm at the minuet so thought I''d slap a little bit of tan on my lilly white legs and pick a summery dress out my wardrobe, I'm not really doing much, going to have a walk to work (YES WORK I GOT A JOB) and maybe take Alfie for a walk but not going much further.
It was a bit of a struggle to get a picture of the back of my dress, but I managed with the help of a mirror.
Dress- Newlook (sale) £8.00
Shoes- Newlook £25.00
Bracelet- Newlook (sale) £2.00
Belt- Primark £2.50
Nail polish- OPI, On Collins Ave
I can't actually find anything that I have on in this OOTD online but I have seen the bracelet and dress in store  this week so if you like check it out in your local Newlook. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

DIY Decorating shorts | BeautySW

This is a bit of a different post to the normal things I post because I'm not really creative in this way, but I have seen a few different posts like this and thought I'd join. I had these shorts from H&M which I bought about a year ago and was getting a little bored of them so thought I'd jazz them up a little.

I thought it would be a struggle trying to get the needle through the denim of the shorts but it wasn't at all. All I did was cut the lengths of what I needed for the four pockets on my shorts (cut however many you need for your shorts) and sewed them on with white thread. I got my Lace from Boyes (I'm not sure if Boyes is a store just where I live in Hull or if its English or is in other countries) but im sure you can get lace trim from any craft or fabric store.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Milkmaid Braids | BeautySW


Iv seen Milkmaid braids around for quite a while now, probably about a year and I'v seen them a lot on celebrities, Bloggers, and youtube gurus but not so much around and about. I live in Hull, the east of England and im not sure if its just my area and you would see them more in places like London and the bigger cites in England where fashion is bigger and thought of more. 
This hairstyle is really pretty and cute, I think It's a new take on normal braids because sometimes braids can look a little bit childish and as though your Mum has done it for you when you were five... Its also a good way to get your hair off of your face, when your just having one of those days and don't want hair on your face (I have plenty of those). I have worn this for college and some people thought it looked nice but others though it looked weird. 
There is also a lot of different ways to go milkmaid braids, some are done in fishtail plates, some in normal plates, some done neatly and others messily, but I think all of the different styles look great. I have added a picture of a halo braid in there because It's also another great hairstyle, slightly more difficult to achieve to make it look good. But when its done well and in the right way it looks great. 
All i did to achieve my Milkmaid Braids is: Plait my hair into two Fishtail plaits, and pin them both across each other on the top of my head securing them with bobby pins, if you're not sure how to do a fishtail plait, a normal three strand plait will work just the same or look up on Youtube "how to - Fishtail Plait" I have seen some great tutorials. 
Pictures taken from various places.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Manicure monday | BeautySW

 This morning i was feeling a bit crazy and girly, so decided to paint my nails all pastels, I have seen different people painting their nails oddly so thought I'd join in with the oddness' and the pastel craze going on. The colours I used are (from thumb and all Barry M polishes)- Peach Melba, Mint Green, Berry Ice cream, Pink Flamingo, Blue Moon. I have been loving the pastels out the past few months too and though I'd cheer up my boring outfit with my jazzy nails. 
ps, pleas excuse my focus of my camera... 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

No.7 Lipgloss in Whisper | BeautySW

99.999% of the time i absolutely hate lipgloss, I think it looks tacks and false, like who has shinny lips, really?  I don't like how it feels or anything and never wear it. Until my older sister bought this one for herself (oopsie) a few weeks ago. It just has a really nice look to it and i think it's the only lipgloss i have ever worn and felt comfortable in it. It didn't bother me when eating or drinking and thought it lasted on the lips for a good amount of time, I did need to touch it up but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. 
I actually can say I enjoyed wearing this one and when i go into stores now I will be able to look at lipgloss a bit more because feel I can wear it more now. I think it I look at a more sheer gloss I will feel better, I know this isn't sheer but its difficulty not bright and in your face, its very much sutler and toned down. 
Please could you give me some ideas on what posts you would like to see on here, I do have a few lined up. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rimmel London- Wake me up Foundation | BeautySW

I'v heard so much good stuff about this foundation but just before it came out i had bought the Rimmel London- 25 hour lasting Finish Foundation, so i didn't need a foundation at all. I'v popped into boots quite a lot recently too just browsing though but the 3 for 2 offer that is on in there is so tempting, I'v eyed up the Wake me up foundation but was good and didn't give in to temptation. But last week I went into Wilkinsons with my Mum and saw it was on sale for £4.98 and my Mum said she would get it for me, happy me said yes of course haha.

Making Me even happier was the fact it did indeed live up to my expectations from the rave its had in the beauty blogger/youtube community. Compared to the 25 hour foundation rimmel have out its just amazing. My skin feel great when it's applied, really smooth and soft and it looks really natural. I got it in 100- Ivory but they have quite a good range of colours for different skin tones. I would say it makes my skin look brighter and more awake (hence the name) and it has a great finish on the foundation. It also has an SPF of 15 and an SPF is always something i look for in foundation. I wouldn't recommend it for people with oily skin, I think it slides on my skin slightly and I don't get much oil on my skin on a normal day. I would recommend it for dry skin however, I have a few dry patches near my cheeks/jaw and it doesn't seem to cling onto them.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Manicure monday | BeautySW

Hello everyone, I wanted to start doing something of one topic once a week on a certain day, I thought a lot of my posts are on nails, and nail products and so on so I should probably mix all those posts to once a week in 'Manicure Monday' post. I hope you enjoy the first post in Manicure monday! (I hope that all makes sense, like it does in my head).

To get this cute pretty look i used Audrey Fullerton nail polish in- Jessica, and the white flowers and hearts are like transfers, they come in strips and you just pull off how much you need, stick it on your nail and apply a top coat, really easy, there just great! I bought them off e-bay about a year ago and don't know the seller and can not find them anywhere but here is some similar ones.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Curly tots using the Babyliss Curling wand | BeautySW

I have been wearing my hair like this a lot recently and I do enjoy wearing my hair like this. Only because whenever I wear my hair straight or just natural (which is more or less straight) it just goes completely flat to my scalp and there no volume what so ever. This hairstyle doesn't seem to fall quite so flat and make my hair look lovely at the same time. I have a lot of questions whenever I wear my hair in this style, whether its from friends, family or people at college. Literally all I do is curl it with my curling wand from Babyliss, throw it about with my head hanging upside down a little, give it a little back comb and a touch of hair spray (not any in particular hair spray, just any cheep and happy hair spray that I find floating around my house somewhere).  

The wand is great I would say. It gets really hot at 200°C or you can take the temperature down in the steps (see picture above). I have quite a lot of hair and can cure my hair in about ten minuets using this, if i was using my GHD hair straighteners it would probably take twice as long to cure my hair.

When I bought the wand it came with a heat protecting glove thing but i didn't have much fun using that because I wasn't able to feel my hair in my hand so not I'm constantly burning 
my hands because the want gets so hot.