Friday, 14 March 2014

The perfect brow

Here I am showing you how I fill in my eyebrows. I still like them to look quite natural so I use a colour that I know is going to suit my skin tone and isn't to different from my natural hair colour.
I usually tweeze my own eyebrows instead of going to a place to get them done, but in the past I have had them waxed and threaded. I do think that threading eyebrows is the beast way to get a perfect shape and to get it so defined though I just trust my self more to do them myself and I always know how I want them to be.
First I brush through my brow with a clean mascara wand/eyebrow brush so they're all sitting in the correct direction.
Then I like to draw I little bit of a stencil but drawing my first like diagonal and making the front of the brow a little bit square.
I then go on to fill in the gap between the lines, leaving the end of the eyebrow.
Now make the arch up of the brow and fill in the end of the brow making it look tapered so it goes thinner.
Then I like to used a little bit of concealer or foundation and draw a line under the brow cleaning it up and making sure the line is really sharp and neat.
Once you've done that just blend in the foundation into you skin.


Walah your perfect brow!
Thankyou for reading

Friday, 7 March 2014

Doll type face paint/makeup

1. First I took out my eyebrow using Nose wax, mine is from GRIMAS but you can just buy any nose wax from amazon and it should do the job. Just take a little bit of this and smooth it over your brow as thin as you can get it so its not visible.

2. Next you need to map out where you want your naturel face showing through the gap and paint the rest of your face and neck white. I started with one thin layer and then finished off with a thicker layer making it perfect and then powdering it with a translucent powder.
3. When you have your face covered how you want it you need to draw the gaged line around the edges, you can either use an eyeliner which is black or a black face paint, I used a face paint
4. Now to perfect it, using a damp cotton bud clean up the white paint away from the edges what overlap the black line.
This is also the stage where I drew on my eyebrow, slightly higher and a little more arched than my natural eyebrow I also used the black paint to do this.
5. At bit more of an easier step, where I gently brushed on a light purple face paint over the top of my forehead and contoured my cheeks with it (this would be easier done with a purple eye shadow or something powdered). 
6. Now I have just done my eye in similar colours and making it a little darker with winged eyeliner and mascara. on the opposite side of my face I just made the natural makeup a little more obvious with a bright lipstick and a little eye shadow.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Studying Theatrical Make-up Artesty

Hello! iv not blogged in sooooo long (aprox 1 year) eeek. But I'm wanting to begin blogging again about different things. Still in the beauty area but I have taken another step in my life and im now studying Theatrical Make-up.
I'm going to be writing more about how my career into make-up is going and what I'm up to and learning along the way.
I started the course in September 2013 and since have enjoyed if thoroughly. So far we have learnt; camouflage makeup, airbrush makeup and just learning, bald caps, prosthetics and body painting. As far as we have got to now I love the course and it is defiantly something I will want to do for the rest of my life (or a huge part of it anyway...).
I've been playing around at home doing different things on my own face... hands and arms... and having just as much fun doing that as I am at college.
Here is a few photos of what iv been doing.